A 1978 interview of  Paul Watson with Barbara Frum on the CBC radio where we learn a little bit more about animalist groups techniques and motivations 

For those of you who doubt of the implication of seals in the renewing faillure  of the cod fish stock here's a video from German television.

Analyse of the situation of the seal hunt by Rex Murphy from CBC 

Canadian seal hunters gives their opinion about the seal hunt (in french)
here's  a TV report about the montreal's based restaurant ''le cinquième péché'' and their  seal meat serving

''My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers''
Anne Troake's movie officially available for online viewing ( external link) (click to open) 

Here we see an attack technique on cod and herring, This video has been shot in Newfoundland in 2010.

  Paul Mc cartney, Heather Mills  & Danny Williams interviews at ''Larry King's live'' on March 6 2006

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part 4

Up the Anti
"Up The Anti" was a peaceful pro-sealing demonstration held in Ottawa on March 15th, 2007. Sealers, Inuit, veterinarians, biologists, researchers, and other seal hunt supporters from across Canada came to support the sustainable and humane harvesting of a renewable natural resource, and clarify the misinformation and rhetoric that certain animal rights groups have spread about this hunt.

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HSUS lawyers in cages  
humorous video from   that demonstrates sarcastically some truth about the practices of the Humane Society of the United States

Organized Crimes: The Paul Watson's way
Ezra Levant looks at how eco-terrorist and fugitive Paul Waton uses his acts of piracy to raise money.

Source: Sun News Network 

The Darkside of the ''Humane Society of the United States'' Mr. Frank Losey,lawyer who served as Director of Civil Law at the Pentagon recognized as the lawyer who won against the Humane Society of the United states in a breeding dogs case  here exposes the dark side of Humane Society of the United States

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The latest of the EU Seal Ban
In 2010, the European Union voted to impose a ban on the import of all seal-based products. That was a devastating blow for the sealing industry in this province. So, last year, the government of Canada decided to appeal the ban to the world trade organization. The process has been dragging since then, but this week, the federal government decided to push the issue and ask the WTO to appoint a committee to deal with it. This comes at the same time Canada is finalizing details of a free trade agreement with the EU, which pro-ban parliamentarians have said they'd reject if the seal appeal goes ahead. To find out what this all means, and whether the end result might benefit the seal industry in this province, I called Peter Clark. He's an international trade expert, based in Ottawa. Source: CBC

Wonderful Danish video about harp seal hunt

Menace sur la banquise

A wonderful video presented by  demonstrating the traditional side of hunting and how hunters who practice it lives in harmony with nature and how international organizations can endanger this balance.


Inuit Sila

The Inuit Sila campaign movie in a special edition with designer Benedikte Utzon. Made for the presentation of Great Greenland's and Benedikte Utzon's collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week January 31. 2013.

People of the seal

This award-winning film explores the centuries-old connection between the northern fur seal and the Unangan natives of Alaska's Pribilof and Aleutian Islands in the middle of the Bering Sea. Aquilina Lestenkof traces five generations of her own family's history in this remote part of the world, weaving together native, Russian, and American cultural threads. At the heart of the story, are the fur seals. Like the Unangan, the fur seals are struggling to survive. As Aquilina says, 'if they're not here, then we won't be either.'

"People of the Seal" has been recognized in the following ways:

International Wildlife Film Festival

  • Special Jury Award
  • Best Cultural Message
  • Best Graphics

Montana CINE International Film Festival

  • Best of Category, Non-Fiction

34th American Indian Film Festival

  • Finalist, Best Documentary Feature

2010 Silver Telly Awards in Nature/Wildlife, Government Relations, History/Biography, Education, and Cultural

Offical Selections at

  • 2009 Anchorage International Film Festival
  • 2010 BLUE Ocean Film Festival
  • 2010 Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival

"Red on White" exhibition by artist Yoanis Menge 

Meet Yoanis Menge who talks about his photographic installation by AdMare the center of contemporary art artists located in Magdalen Islands, in the context of the ''Suspicious items'' art exhibition

''Suspicious items'' exhibition is located at:
Magdalen Islands (Canada) Airport, until April 12 2013

Is seal the ultimate farm-to-table food?

A report from Michele Henry food reporter from Toronto Star