International debates 


The 1972 American “marine mammal Protection Act” was adopted to list and prohibit the importation of endangered marine mammals into the United States. However, despite the fact that Harp seals are not, nor ever have been, an endangered or even threatened species under any international “listing” the united States banned the importation of Harp seal products under the auspices of the  Marine Mammal Protection Act. The American Congress and Senate bowed to the vicious propaganda campaign of  American animal rights groups, whose ideas are supported by a very small minority of the population of “ American and western society” but whose multi million dollar “lobbying” efforts unduly influence politicians.


In 1983 the EU banned the importation of specific seal products and in 2010 followed this up with a total ban on the importation of ALL seal products: with a hypocritical “exception” for those products of seals killed by Aboriginal hunters using “traditional” methods, despite the fact that all Aboriginal Organisations strongly rejected this “exemption” as being colonialist and racist.

The EU bans are the result of a decades long campaign of animal rights propaganda orchestrated by multi million dollar American animal rights groups as their main tactic towards trying to end man’s usage of ALL animals for any purpose by any society: today it is seals and tomorrow all animals. These propaganda campaigns have targeted politicians of the EU Parliament, politicians in the member state Parliaments, and mainstream European media to influence the passage of import bans on seal products despite the fact that ALL EU states commercially kill animals, license animal hunting and that many of them also legally kill seals and actively support sealing in their waters. It has been said that this “anti sealing propaganda campaign” is the second greatest propaganda campaign of the 20th century.

Aboriginals Organisations and nation states such as Canada, Norway, Namibia, etc strongly object to the EU bans on the trade in seal products and have challenged  the EU bans at the “European Court of Justice” and the “World Trade Organisation”.  They also strongly object to the use of the word “immoral” in these trade bans and challenge the use of that word before the same international tribunals.

Historically these animal rights propaganda campaigns have been aimed at politicians and the media as they recognise that the vast majority of individuals in western society accept the concept of sustainable, humane animal killing as part of their daily lives and that the only way to impose the animal rights minority view is to “create a new reality” for these average citizens is through “lobbying” politicians and “playing” to sensationalist knee jerk journalism: think of George Orwell’s 1984.