Films & Documentaries

Over the years, many films and documentaries produced on the hunt so here are a few of those productions.

  • One of the first films on the subject has been around the world and was the spark behind the animal rights movement in the back of the seal hunt: The Great Seal of the ice produced by Serge Deyglun, produced by Andre Fleury in 1964 and broadcasted on CBC.
  • In 1990 the National Film Board of Canada produced an animated short titled' 'Nathael and the seal hunt'' this short film intended for both children and adults and makes us experience the reality of a day hunting through the eyes of a child (Internet movie database)
  • In 2001 Max Films produced the documentary ''la grande mouvée'' This film examines the phenomenon of the war of images and ideologies generated by the seal hunt
  • In 2005 the filmmaker Anne Troake directed the film ''My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers'' this film tells the coming of the animal rights movement in the  seal hunt industry from the perspective of Newfoundlanders. More information about this movie here. 
  • In 2007 productions PharEst produced the documentary ''The hiden faces of the seal hunt'' for the first time since the beginning of the controversy over the seal hunt, the sealers from magdalen Islands speaks in front of  a camera. We take this opportunity to thank Cécile Chevrier from PharEst Productions who kindly gave us the authorisation to incorporate excerpts from this excellent documentary on the website.