For decades Animal rights groups, NOT animal welfare groups, have engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to try and convince western urbanites that killing seals is somehow “wrong”. These multi million dollar groups, mostly headquartered in the United States, have spread a series of misleading fictions and outright lies in order to further their goal of ending man’s use of animals: any animal. Ending the seal hunt is not their objective it is merely the tactic they use to further their goal, which is to impose their view, held by a small minority of western peoples, upon the rest of society. Towards this end they distort the reality of animal killing portraying sealers as somehow “sub human” for killing these “beautiful animals. They vilify the peoples of sealing communities in order to convince venal politicians to pass laws that favour their goal. Today the focus is on seals (the single best fund raiser known to western society) but tomorrow it will be an animal that means something to you in terms of your food, your clothing, your medicine, or any number of other animal based products you use. And so it goes until the Animal Rights groups have achieved their goal of eliminating by man any use of any animal down to and including the ownership of pets (called by them - slavery). They recognise that very few people will go and check their “mission statements and objectives and will simply respond to emotive language and images: a tactic that has proven to be all to successful in the early years of the 20th century.